After an auto accident, you may experience many annoying and oftentimes severe symptoms as a result of it. One of the most common injuries related to auto accidents is concussions and all of the different types and symptoms related to it can cause a lot of pain to the victim and also be extremely serious and potentially deadly. Knowing the risks and being educated on the procedures you should take can save you a lot of money and physical pain in the long run.

A concussion is caused by a very fast impact to the head causing the brain to slam back and forth inside the person’s skull. There isn’t just one type of concussion you can have however, there are multiple different types each with their own symptoms.

The first type of common concussion that can stem from a car accident is a cognitive concussion. Some symptoms of this type of concussion can be loss of memory and sense of fatigue after the accident. Memory loss can be even more prominent when trying to remember the accident if you suffer from this form of concussion. It can also affect new memories made after the crash and also hurt your long term memory. 

Vestibular Concussion

A second type of concussion that is common from auto accidents is known as a vestibular concussion. This can affect your inner ear which is responsible for your balance making it much more difficult to do daily tasks. It is very similar to having an ear infection where you may experience vertigo. 

Ocular Concussion

There are also ocular concussions that you may suffer from an auto accident. This type of concussion affects your eyes and how they work together. After this type of concussion you may have a much harder time focusing on objects or any task you may be doing. It can get to the point where your eyes do not work together anymore and can begin working independently of one another. This will give the appearance of having a severe lazy eye or sometimes even to the point of your eyes facing opposite directions of one another. 

Cervical Concussions

A fourth type of concussion you may suffer are known as cervical concussions. This type of concussion is less related to the head and more related to the different body parts that connect to the head and brain. This problem relates mostly to the neck and the area where it connects to your brain. It can cause sensations of pain to flow from your neck to your head and also down your spine. It can also cause persistent headaches making it seem like a different type of concussion and it can make finding a diagnosis much more difficult. 

Mood Concussion

Finally, one of the last types of concussion you may suffer from an auto accident is known as an anxiety or mood concussion. This type of concussion is very unique in that it doesn’t necessarily cause the victim physical pain, but it can instead cause dramatic changes in mood and behavior. It can cause increased irritability and anxiety causing the victim to become overwhelmed even at small problems. 


With each type of concussion having its own symptoms on a person, it is crucial that it is checked out by a professional. At Spennetta Chiropractors, we have the resources and tools to be able to ease any pain you may have and get you feeling the best you possibly can again. If you believe you may have suffered a concussion and are in pain, give us a call at 608-273-2225 and we will do whatever it takes to get you back to your normal life.

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