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What do you know about your neck? This delicate and wonderful body part keeps your head up and moves many different ways. The importance it has on your body’s health is often overlooked until an injury occurs. The neck may appear simple from its exterior, but on the inside, there is a complex structure, responsible for vital nerve, tissue and organ functions. If you are suffering from any pain or discomfort, chiropractor neck care treatment may be the solution.

Effects On The Nervous System

Your brain reaches down from your skull and then becomes to the spinal cord at the top of your neck. Its nerves regulate and direct every cell, organ and tissue of your body. These nerves control all organs that are critical for livelihood, including your heart, lungs, stomach, liver and kidneys. They also coordinate important activities, taking a deep breath, swallowing or clearing your throat.

Each muscle that’s used to rotate your head is controlled by the nervous system as well. When you look to the left or right for any task you perform, be grateful for these nerves.

Bone Structure

Your neck consists of seven bones, also referred to as the cervical spine. As a baby, when you start lifting your head and observing the world around you, your neck starts to develop its cervical curve, which forms the normal spinal alignment as you grow up. This alignment ensures correct neck movement, adequate nerve supply and proper neck function.

What Is Vertebral Subluxation?

When the neck is injured from birth trauma, falls, accidents or other mishaps, the alignment of the spine, nerve supply, organs or any tissues are stressed. This type of damage is called vertebral subluxation. Since so many body systems rely on proper neck function, vertebral subluxation may result in other problems. For example, neck, shoulder and arm pain, headaches, allergies and attention deficit may strike. Unfortunately, there are numerous other ailments that subluxation can cause also.

Taking various prescription and over-the-counter medications to mask your pain and comes with the potential of having serious and harmful side effects. Instead, a better idea is to pinpoint the source of your symptoms and have a corrective neck alignment done.

Stop Taking Your Neck For Granted

If you’ve ever noticed elderly people with their heads hunched forward, you are looking at someone who strains to move or turn their neck. What you don’t see are impairments of the nervous system due to neck dysfunction.

It is time to value your neck. Make an appointment for you or a loved one at Spennetta Family Care Chiropractic Clinic today.

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