Insurance Coverage

Insurance Coverage

Insurance Covered Chiropractic Treatments

Insurance Coverage

By Law, employees must be covered by worker’s compensation insurance and all work related injuries are covered at 100%. You do not need a referral to see a chiropractor under Wisconsin law.

Auto Accidents covered 100%

Auto accidents are usually have insurance coverage under the “Med-Pay” portion of your auto policy, or are paid by the insurance of the driver at fault. (There is no deductible for auto insurance medical payments).

Health Insurance

We also accept most insurances and you don’t need a referral. (Even if not listed below).

We participate in the following networks which may give additional discounts.

  • Humana/Employers Health
  • Alliance & Many others
  • We also accept Medicaid & Medicare

If your copay is over $30, then ask about our discount programs. We offer discounts for payments made on the same day as treatment. Often times, your treatment may cost you less out of pocket if you do NOT use your insurance.

We do offer discounts offered for same-day payment. For your convenience VISA, MASTERCARD, and DISCOVER also accepted.

We have some patients who have full coverage elsewhere but prefer to pay cash because they feel we offer the best care available. “Mediocre care, even if it is free, is still mediocre and a waste of time and resources. When you need help, come to the best.”

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