Our jobs can have a much larger impact on our body and overall health than we may believe. Especially desk jobs, where oftentimes you’ll be sitting in a desk chair for a large majority or even all of the day. Doing this for long periods of time can build up stress on the body and lead to many health concerns. Some of these concerns include fatigue, muscle soreness, problems with the neck and spine, as well as many others. However, there are multiple ways in which you can help protect yourself against these as well as overall feeling better while you work.

One way to combat this is make sure you aren’t “slouching” or have bad posture while sitting at your desk. You should also make sure your feet are not dangling off your chair while sitting, you should rest them on the ground for best results. If you work a desk job, you are likely to be sitting in an office chair looking at a computer for most of your day. So if you make sure that your posture is good throughout the day it can save you a lot of pain and stress from having to deal with neck and back pain.

Computer Keyboard And Monitor Position

Another way to make sure that you are being ergonomic in the workplace is by making sure your monitor and keyboard are positioned correctly. Your computer monitor should be around eye level in height and kept at least 2 feet away from you. This prevents you from having to bend your neck for long periods of the day and also makes sure that the screen doesn’t harm your eyes. It is also important to keep your keyboard and mouse located directly in front of your monitor and have support on your arms while typing for long periods of time. This will decrease the chance of having hand and wrist problems as well as making sure you don’t have to be moving your neck to look between your keyboard and your monitor.

One final way to keep you healthier at work is by taking small periodic breaks. Whether this be through standing up and stretching or looking away from your monitor for a minute, even a few short breaks from staring at your monitor can be very helpful when trying to avoid ergonomic issues. This allows your body and eyes to move and stretch out lowering the chances of muscle issues or vision problems.

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