All of the body’s systems are regulated, communicated with, and controlled by the nervous system. The nervous system gathers information from both the internal and external environment, interprets it, and then determines what is best for the body.

We must first comprehend how our nervous system functions in order to comprehend why it goes into overdrive. Today’s discussion will center on the autonomic nervous system, also known as the partially automatic system. Parasympathetic and sympathetic divisions make up this system. While the sympathetic is in “Fight or flight” phase, the parasympathetic is in “Rest and digest” mode.

The sympathetic nervous system would activate if you were running from a bear, whereas the parasympathetic nervous system would activate if you were sitting on the beach in meditation. Despite being essential to the body’s existence, both systems should mostly remain in a parasympathetic state. Nowadays, the majority of individuals are quite the opposite because they are in empathetic overdrive. Headaches, anxiety, a weakened immune system, irritability, exhaustion, and other conditions are possible signs of sympathetic overdrive.

Why does our nervous system become entrapped in this sympathetic reaction? The three root causes that we chiropractors want to emphasize are thoughts, traumas, and poisons. Neurotransmitters that activate the sympathetics can be released as a result of depressive feelings, anxious thoughts, self-limitation, and negative ideas. Trauma, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional, can be stored in the body and have an impact on how we process and perceive other stressors that come our way. The body keeps the score by Van Der Kolk goes into great detail on this subject.

Whether it be chemicals, pesticides, dangerous electromagnetic frequencies, microplastics, etc., we are exposed to poisons every day through our food, drink, and air. Today’s world contains more toxins than ever before, and our systems are unable to rid themselves of them quickly enough. As a result, our bodies experience continual stress, often known as sympathetic overdrive.

What can you do to assist your sympathetic nervous system stay in check? Chiropractic care can assist your body to enter a parasympathetic state and reorganize stress that has built up. Receiving regular care can offer your body respite and help it better adapt to all the many stressors.

The three T’s should be eliminated as much as possible as this is another essential to success. Most people will have a fantastic beginning point for maximizing the function of their nervous system when these two items are combined.