We can explain how to maximize your health benefits following chiropractic care at our clinic. There are typically three phases of treatment that each patient receives throughout the course of chiropractic care. The sequence of treatment goes from relief care to corrective care to maintenance care.

Relief care gives immediate relief from the painful symptoms, however it’s not a permanent solution and doesn’t address the source. During this phase you will begin to feel better after receiving initial chiropractic treatments. Even though the pain may be reduced or alleviated, the real problem isn’t worked out and should be taken into consideration to prevent further injury.

In contrast, corrective care takes more time because we aim at correcting the actual root of the problem. Some factors taken into account during corrective care are the condition and strength of the spinal column, the general health and age of the patient, how severe the problem is, and long it’s lasted. A complete correction isn’t always possible for each individual, but we have seen surprising improvements at Spennetta Family Care Chiropractic Clinic in Madison, WI. We will give you our best advice and provide a corrective plan for your condition.

The final phase is maintenance care to keep the integrity of the spine stable.

This stage entails regular checkups and preventative alignments. Everyday activities put stress on our bodies, so it’s important to continue monitoring your spinal health. Regular chiropractic adjustments help to ensure that your spinal health is maximized and your livelihood is optimal.

Some people only want to relieve their symptoms temporarily, but others realize that complete correction provides the best results for their long term health. It’s your decision, but be sure discuss your preferences with Dr. Spennetta so that he is aware of your treatment needs as they relate to your circumstances. Our goal at Spennetta Family Care and Chirpractic Clinic is to make you feel better and experience the maximum health benefits of our services. To learn more about how you can accomplish these intentions, call our office today.