Improve your sleep and keep your mind and body healthier by turning your bedroom into a tech-free room.

Studies find that more than half of us watch television before we get to sleep. Even more people use their electronic devices while in bed, and usually stare at these small gadgets for hours. Most individuals believe it promotes slumber, however, there are other matters we should to take into consideration. One issue to keep in mind is that this tendency can be destructive to the body’s structure. Additional time hunching over little screens and lying in a more rigid position can trigger inferior sleep, back and neck pain, or other spinal stress.

Look After Your Health

If you must use a device in your bed, be certain that your back is supported with a pillow and the gadget or television is placed at eye level. Research indicates that in addition to bolstering spinal health, switching your electronics off promotes ideal sleep. Intense lighting displayed on the screens induces brain stimulation, negatively altering our sleep.

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