What Is Telehealth Physical Therapy and How Is It of Use to You?

If there are a few things that define what it is to be human, it should be the ability to invent, innovate and come up with new ways of doing things simpler, or better than how they were done before. This is especially true for the inventions and innovations that have come out of the last two centuries.
The harnessing of electricity for home use was the beginning of this journey. Then came the invention of the camera, then the telephone. These three distinct inventions seemed like they would always be apart then came the internet to combine them into a powerful media.

Harnessing the abilities of the telephone, the camera and using electricity to send this over the internet led to the rise of web communication. What this meant is someone in a remote location could communicate with anyone across the planet. This opened the door to many possibilities, of which one is telehealth physical therapy.

What exactly is telehealth physical therapy?

By synthesizing the text provided by the American Physical Therapy Association, telehealth physical therapy can be defined as the use of online media to conduct an assessment of patients to take them through treatment.
Instead of having to get out of your home and move to where your Physical Therapist is located for their service, the PT will now come straight to your home, virtually of course. This is by simply holding a video chat over the internet, and going through a session by using the instructions they provide.
This type of therapy has been used before and has gained momentum in use as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been used by patients who are undergoing cancer rehabilitation, chronic pain management, balance, post-operative care as well as other conditions that may require the advice or intervention of a PT.

How Do You Benefit?

As with anything new, the benefits of the system could mean a change in the way you do things. This could either be a positive thing for you or negative. You just have to decide which works better for you.
With that said, there’s a myriad of benefits that can be derived from telehealth physical therapy. These include;


In these trying times, in-person visits could be a hazard for both you, the patient and the PT. If there were no other options, the PT would close the shop and would not be available to their patients. With Telehealth PT, you can continue with your therapy from the safety of your homes. Your progress can be monitored over the internet and the solutions provided.
This also means that you can get the services of a specialist PT who may be in a completely different state, or even country for that matter.


With a physical PT visit, this may mean having to drive, be driven, take a bus, or even a taxi to honor the commitment. This could be strenuous with certain conditions.
With telehealth PT, you never have to leave the comfort of your home. Your PT session is brought right to you, and you can as well involve other members of your family in your sessions.

Spennetta Family Chiropractic is proud to be able to use this service. If you have been injured by a car accident or sustained an injury during a sporting event and can’t physically get to an appointment, try telehealth first. Done let your care slip. Try it today.