In recent years, more and more athletes are choosing chiropractic care as their preferred treatment for sports injuries. At one time the sports world thought that chiropractic medicine did not offer many benefits for athletes. As attitudes have changed, there is a widespread practice of employing chiropractors as part of the medical team. It may be a small youth group or a professional association, but trainers and coaches regularly rely on chiropractic doctors to care for injuries associated with the back, shoulders, hips, or an athlete’s other body parts.

For any sports-related pain, a chiropractic doctor can diagnose the underlying cause of the condition so that you can return to the playing field. If you have experienced a sports injury, or if you want to prevent one, call Spenneta Family Care Chiropractic Clinic in Madison, WI to schedule an appointment today.

Why do athletes prefer chiropractic treatment?

Athletes simply love to play. When an injury inhibits their performance they probably experience considerable pain. No player wants to undergo a demobilizing injury. Chiropractic medicine offers a natural approach to rehabilitation that typically eliminates invasive procedures or troublesome side effects of painkillers.

Chiropractic medicine also helps athletes heal quicker from minor injuries, in addition to preventing surgery. Chiropractic care aims to decrease a patient’s pain, improve recovery and address other underlying issues. By focusing on the primary cause for the disorder, chiropractic treatment can prevent the same injury from occurring again.

Chiropractic care practices holistic ways to treat the whole body.

For an athlete to fully recover from a sports injury, a chiropractor must locate and target all of your body’s problems and increase your core strengthening.

When healing a sports injury, chiropractors sometimes adjust the spine or other limbs, use physiotherapy, electrotherapy, exercise training, nutrition suggestions, and other therapeutic techniques to rehabilitate the injury or any subsequent disorders. The purpose of chiropractic treatment is to restore flexibility, reduce unbalance, increase dexterity, and to avoid future injuries. Chiropractic doctors use a combination of techniques to achieve complete recovery.

Who Are Sports Chiropractors? Keep in mind that chiropractic care is a medical practice and should never be performed by an inexperienced person under any circumstances. Doctor Spenneta is a qualified chiropractic physician, and has completed specific training in sports health and sports injuries. It i important for an athlete to find a chiropractic doctor with important specialized skills so that you get the best care possible for any injuries caused by an athletic activity.

If a sports related injury is causing you trouble, Dr. Spettetta can work with you to rehabilitate your body so you are well enough to play again. You will receive the holistic care you need to reduce your pain and get knowledgeable advice on how to improve your chances for avoiding another injury.

Contact Spennetta Family Care Chiropractic Clinic in Madison as soon as possible to schedule an appointment to discuss your condition.