Ultrasound/Electro Therapy includes Ultrasonic waves which are sound waves of a high frequency that is not audible to the human ear. They are produced by means of mechanical vibration in the metal treatment head of the ultrasound machine. The treatment is then moved over the surface of the skin in the region of the injury transmitting the energy into the tissues. The results affect the Inflammatory and Repair Processes. The treatment is used specifically to speed the normal resolution time of the healing process by attracting more mast cells in the area of the injury. This may cause an increase in blood flow which can be beneficial in the sub-acute phase of tissue injury. It can also help break up chronic adhesions in scar tissue.


Electrotherapy/Interferential current or sometimes called “E-Stim,” stimulates the muscles and tissues in a specific person. This can be used to reduce pain and other discomfort by stimulating an endorphin response or can be used to fatigue muscles so they can relax.
Ultrasound/Electro Therapy

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