Each of us, at some time, faces some kind of back pain during our life. The reasons are seldom clear, and we carry on without taking care of the pain. Even though not all back pain is long-lasing pain, it can usually be fixed by paying a visit to your local Chiropractor. If you are not sure what caused the pain, consider some of these less common causes of discomfort.

Shoes can trigger back pain and not only high heels or stilettos are responsible!

Old and worn out shoes do not hold up in time. Although comfortable and properly sized shoes are essential in maintaining proper support, plenty of padding, sturdy arches and durable soles are equally as important.
Unsupportive bras that fail to support the body&39;s curves can be a primary cause of persistent, dull back pain in women. Bearing unsupported extra weight in front of the spine which will stress a woman&39;s spine, especially without wearing a properly fitting bra. In time, the steady pain and ongoing stress can cause unhealthy changes in posture or abnormal curvatures of the spine. Keep in mind that when carrying any kind of weight, keeping the load close to your body allows for better alignment of the core and spine.

Cigarette smoking is not only unhealthy, but can cause back and neck problems as well. Smoking restricts levels of oxygen that circulate through the body. When this occurs, the oxygen that manages the mobility in your back is reduced and sometimes even cuts off temporarily, causing exertion to your back to make movements. This struggle adds excessive pressure and burden to the back.

Sleeping on a mattress lacking sufficient support.

When you wake up feeling unrested, not only is your energy level affected but it can also be a source for back pain. If you are sleeping on a sagging mattress or one that just is not firm enough you may feel stiff in the morning. Unfortunately, the stiffness may linger and become painful. Many of us do not realize this and pin it on other daily activities such as work, caring for the kids, cleaning or other activities

Unhealthy diets can add unwanted pounds, leading to weight issues. Eating healthy allows more movement and flexibility, in addition to much less stress on several muscle groups. Greasy and fatty diets cause weight gain and eventually it taxes the body, particularly the back.

Even though each of these unsuspecting sources of back pain is different, they are activities we perform on a daily basis. If we consider our everyday routine and acknowledge the potential for damaging outcomes, then we can eliminate a few of the culprits. There is no reason to suffer from back pain when you can eliminate it. For more information about back pain, causes, and courses of action for treatment, call Spennetta Family Care Chiropractic Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin today.