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Dr. spennetta

I was born and raised in the Greater Madison area. After suffering a whiplash injury at only 11 years of age, I started suffering daily migraine headaches. They continued for two years until I finally tried chiropractic care. Amazed by the results, I made a decision to become a Chiropractic Doctor and help as many people as I could to live better lives without pain. Graduating “cum laude” from Palmer College of Chiropractic, I moved to Oshkosh where my Chiropractic care practice was largely pediatric. I love working with kids. They are always full of energy and respond quickly to treatment.

Being a tremendous fan and supporter of the UW Badgers (Football & Basketball) programs our family longed to move back to Madison Wisconsin.
In 1994, I took over a practice on Madison’s Westside in a newly expanding but growing area to serve the Verona, Fitchburg, Middleton and Madison community with professional and time proven options to traditional, costly healthcare that help but are not centered on treating causation. Traditional therapies are entered on treating symptoms. I moved back to Madison and took over a chiropractic practice on the southwest side, where I have been helping people for over 20 years. It has been a blessing to see and help so many people with so many stories and so many problems. I have seen people stop using wheelchairs, kids who have been bed wetting for over 10 years stopped after only a few chiropractic treatments, babies stop being colicky, dizziness going away, debilitating carpel tunnel and bulging disc pain vanish. I have never forgotten why I got into chiropractic. I have a passion for helping people involved in car accidents or with whiplash. I have personally evaluated following their recent car accidents, and many thousands more for other aches and pains

Consumer’s Research Council of America has selected me as one of the “America’s Top Chiropractors” in spinal trauma nine times. Please see our tabs at the top
of the page for helpful information on how to handle your accident. The biggest tip I can give you is that the sooner I can see you, the faster you will get better. Call me
for a free consultation. Whether it is a car accident, work injury or any other painful ailment, I am here to help you get better. I am one doctor who will listen to you and will treat you like family.

Give me a call at 608.273.2225.


Dr. James Spennetta