Chiropractors Guarantee

The Spennetta Chiropractors Guarantee

Spennetta Chiropractors - Guarantee
We are completely committed to giving you with the best in chiropractic care and services. To emphasize this dedication, we provide something very rare in the field of Chiropractic, a guarantee. We are confident that you will feel consulting our office was a smart decision.

Since treatment results vary by individual, we can’t guarantee results, but we do give you a Chiropractors Guarantee for your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your experience in our office, we will refund your money!* (This does not include the cost of x-rays, if taken, and any federal programs such as Badger Care and Medicare due to and federal compliance reporting guidelines). Simply stated, if we cannot make it right for you, you will receive all the money you paid out of pocket.

The reason we offer this Chiropractors Guarantee is because we want you to be happy. If you are happy, you will tell your friends. This is not only a nice compliment, but it helps keep our fees lower than other clinics, because, if you are doing the marketing for us, we don’t have to spend as much in other places. “Our Patients Are Treated Like Family” isn’t just a slogan, it is our philosophy. We will give you the same quality care we give to our family and the many other chiropractors that come to us for their care.