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Golf Injury

Wisconsin Golf Injury Chiropractor

Does your lower back, hip or other pain from a golf injury keep you from a achieving all you can on the golf course? Do you find yourself stiff, tired and fatigued causing you to lose consistency on the back nine? The golf swing is all about efficient energy transfer from the lower body into the hips. Next, it continues through each of the joints of the spine, into the shoulder and down the arm. It then goes through the golf club and then enters into the golf ball. As a result, if any one of the joints involved are injured, or not moving effectively, your score will suffer.

First, posture at the address of the ball is important to effectively transfer energy and hit that long straight shot you are visualizing. If back pain and dysfunction are impairing your posture, your swing will suffer. Consequently, that will lead you to compensate during your swing, which can lead to more biomechanical problems, and pain in other areas of the body. Without good posture, pain can be a self-perpetuating cycle that inhibits your game by causing a slice, or hook or taking distance off your shot.

Golf Swing

Although address posture is very important, golf is without a doubt a dynamic sport. Your swing must be consistent over the course of four to five hours in order to shoot the low scores you desire. In addition, when a spinal or extremity subluxation (adhesion or misalignment of the joint) is present, the kinetic chain is disrupted. The force transfer is also not optimal. This leads to swing compensations and inconsistent swings over the course of your game.

As any golfer will tell you, an inconsistent swing is the quickest way to add unnecessary strokes to your score card.

Today, many golfers rely on expensive clubs and fancy new equipment to help them shave strokes off their score. All too often, this approach does not prove to be effective. With all the state of the art tools available to today’s golfers, why is the average score no better than it was 50 years ago? The answer is that. The problem does not lie within the equipment, but rather in our body’s ability to move efficiently over and over again on the course.

Chiropractic care is a very effective method of enhancing your athletic ability in golf as well as other sports. It can also reduce your pain, and enhance your golf game. In addition, it is a cost-effective, functional, and realistic way to cut your golf score and add to your enjoyment of the game! It’s also very effective when combined with corrective exercise and stretching protocols.

Tiger Woods has been a strong believer in Chiropractic. In fact, at age 19, he rode on the Chiropractic Centennial Float in the 1995 Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade.


No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work accident or motor accident, we welcome the chance to serve you.