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Understanding Health Insurance

Spennetta Chiropractic co-pay is easy to work with. Different plans, even under the same insurance carrier, may have different benefits. It’s always best to have your own health care provider check your benefits before you start treatment. Usually this can be done with a phone call if you have provided them with your name, date of birth, Insurance company, policy number and their phone number.

A Copay is generally a fixed amount of money paid to a care provider after you have paid your health insurance premium. Let’s say your health insurance plan’s allowable cost for a doctor’s office visit is $100. Your portion of that would be $20 for a doctor visit.

If your deductible is already paid you pay $20
If your deductible is already paid you pay the full amount of your visit

All Co payments can vary from provider to provider, however plans with lower monthly premiums usually have higher co-payments. Plans with higher monthly payments usually have premiums with lower co-payments.

Spennetta Chiropractic co-pay


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