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At Spennetta Chiropractic Care, I strive to provide the best care possible to treat your needs and have you feeling better. Spennetta Chiropractic client testimonials show show the kind of care that is given to each patienct. Additionally, I have treated over 1000 individuals in car accidents and always provide the highest quality care for each and every patient. It’s important to have a trusted Chiropractor and someone who can provide the best care possible to treat any number of symptoms or problems. Because of this, having knowledge of other patients’ experience is a great way to determine if the care provided is the best for you. As a result, I highly encourage all my patients to leave honest reviews to share their experience with others.

Headache Treatment

Michael N

“Dr. Spennetta, has done a great job with me. I am on the road to recovery after suffering pretty bad headaches. In addition, I appreciate what he has done for me and would recommend him to any of my friends and family!”

Customer since 2013

One-Stop Shop

Kaylar M

“I look forward to the pleasant experience I receive at Spennetta. The staff is very attentive and caring. In addition, Dr. Spennetta is an excellent Chiropractor in both his concern over my care, and adjustments needed. I’ve been through alot of chiropractors in my life, but none have compared with my treatment at Spennetta. Also, the clinic covers a wide range of treatments to cover anyone’s needs. You look long and hard to find that all in one clinic with excellent results in your care. ”

Customer since 2012

One of a Kind

Mike M

“Dr. Spennetta is a great chiropractor who is second to none. I can always count on him to restore my lower back to a pain-free state many times in a single visit. He’s got that magic touch. Additionally, I’ve been to numerous chiropractors in three different states over the years, but none of them could ever hold a candle to Dr. Spennetta, who’s got what it takes to get the job done right. Overall, I can’t imagine this world without him.”

Customer since 2011

Great Treatment All Around

Julie D

“I had a car accident 2 years ago and Dr. Spennetta helps me feel better with my neck, shoulder, headache and back pains. Seeing him makes my life less worrying in pains. Fortunately, the treatment really helps and I can feel how he is dedicated with care to his profession. He treats patient as family. Above all, I will highly recommend Spennetta Family Care to my family, friends and colleagues.
Julie D ”

Customer since 2012

Todd P

“Took me in without an appt. very knowledgeable”

Customer since 2006

Jose F

“Great service as always!”

Customer since 2013

Francisco V

“It is simply the best place to go for a chiropractic. They have a really professional way treating people.”

Customer since 2011

He Truly Cares


“Dr. Spennetta was very kind and caring. He took the time to find the problem and work at it until he was able to adjust it. Thank you!”

Verified customer

Marta M

“Excellent care make you feel at home very friendly”

Customer since 2013


“pleasant excellent work”

Verified customer

Linda L

“The doc and staff there are awesome and friendly! Highly recommended! I always feel welcomed when I visit..!”

Customer since 2013

Brittany G

“Best chiropractor I’ve ever been too!”

Customer since 2013


“Dr. Spennetta and his staff are very welcoming and caring. They are interested in what you have to say and how they can help you.”

Verified customer

Greg H

“Visit was awesome and very informative…staff was great.!”

Customer since 2013


“Always provides prompt service.”

Verified customer



“Dr. Spennetta is the only one I know of that makes a visit affordable so I can go a little more often to prevent back injuries. Also, I would recommend the massage therapist Joel who works in the same building.”

Verified customer

Robert L

“Excellent treatment for serious pain. Took me immediately and scheduled treatments as needed. Been my doctor for about 19 years.”

Customer since 2007

Excellent Service

Dennis B

“Excellent and prompt service! I had trouble for years with my lower back and with the adjustments, feel great. In addition, I felt so good in fact that when I fell off a roof in November, I went straight to the doc versus the emergency room. Ribs, neck and back are pretty much tuned back up. Saved a whole lot of money!”

Customer since 2012


No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work accident or motor accident, we welcome the chance to serve you.