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Auto Accidents


Auto Accident Chiropractor Madison, WI

While on vacation in Madison I developed severe pain in my neck and back. My uncle called the clinic and I was given an appointment two hours later. Little did I realize that Dr Spennetta’s office was actually closed that day and he came in just to treat me. The treatment was wonderful, I felt much better soon after and the shoulder pain that I had been carrying around for months was immediately gone! Thanks for the help!

-Sarah Marie Mills

Auto accidents can be one of the scariest and most confusing things you will ever go through. There are many things to think about. First, how badly are you injured? Will you make a full recovery? What kind of treatment do you need? Accordingly, when will you be able to return to work? Do you need an attorney? What will my insurance cover? Also, where and how do I get my car fixed? Is it fixable? Because of this, we have tried to gather a lot of that information for you.

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Dr. Spennetta is a Cum Laude graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He was born and raised in the Madison area and has called it home most of his life. In addition, with over 20 years of experience, Dr. Spennetta brings superior skill and knowledge to each patient he helps. He has evaluated and treated over 1,000 accident victims. Moreover, he has taken numerous postgraduate courses in evaluating and treating injuries just like yours.

Why Choose Dr. Spennetta?

Fortunately, he has been selected as one of America’s Top Chiropractors in spinal trauma seven times. Dr. Spennetta will work with you, your attorney and insurance company to make sure you get the care you need to make a complete recovery. Also, while some Chiropractors are happy to treat the occasional accident victim, over 20% of Dr. Spennetta’s patients were accident victims. He has the experience and the skill to give you the best care possible.

Auto Accidents Madison WI


No matter whether your condition was caused by a sport, work accident or motor accident, we welcome the chance to serve you.